TV Recording @ Omroep Gelderland

TV Recording @ Omroep Gelderland

19.05.2019 – Nijmegen / NL

We were invited to play with one of his projects at the local television of „Omroep Gelderland“. The goal of the recordings was to make a short portrait of local artists from the region of Gelderland in order to promote and help them moving forward with their art.

We decided to participate and performed our own compositions which will be soon uploaded on Youtube. (Once uploaded I am going to link the video on my homepage and on social media.)

Participating in that recording was a very pleasant experience. The Team from Omroep Gelderland was very welcoming and created a warm cozy atmosphere. I am happy having participated and looking forward to share the recordings…

Until then keep it up gals & guys and…

… Best your Eren

Posted on: Mai 20, 2019eaksahin

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